There are many shercunts, guys who worship sherdog and his bestiality ways, thinking it is good for MMA. But these are the shercunts who bring the word “pathetic” to a new level.

This whole site is dedicated to this Men Molesting Animals expert. He does not know much about Mixed Martial Arts and rips off all the information he puts up on his website from places like ADCC. He only gets to go to almost every MMA event because he has no life and a lot of time on his hands. His boyfriends at also pick up this freeloader’s tab, otherwise he would left weeping at the front gate. To learn more about him read sherdog’s biography, the forums, his infamous quotes, or just read around the site. You’ll soon see why we hate him and his shercunts.

Alco Hauler
Sherdog’s oldest ass-kisser. He became sherdog’s biggest love bitch by making him think he had great knowledge of MMA. The truth is he was stealing everything he knew from the UG and relaying it to everybody on sherdog’s. He also posts under the alias Dogmeat 1, kind of interesting humÖ? He was involved in many flame wars with TBFTNE and Alco Howler, which he lost every single time!!! He seems to be in hiding today and is rumored to be posting on the UG under a different alias. But when ever a dog cries in terror, beware sherdog and his companion Alco Hauler are waiting to rape another dog!

Bill Elder
One of Sherdog’s biggest love bitches. He never met or talked to sherdog, but hopes by defending him he will one day gain his approval so sherdog will have sex with him. He claims to be an amateur boxer/MMA fighter, but he is really a dishwasher for a retirement home in PA and makes up stories about how his website is full of workers (which is only him) and how real fighters visited his website. His website is truly pitiful and no one comes on there, but he still updates it constantly. He is also a member of the notorious KKK. He tries get us to think he’s a “bad-ass”, but don’t take him seriously; he is notorious for crying to daddy when guys challenge him to a fight in person or make him look bad in a flame war.

His name is Taylor Wilson and he lives in Michigan. A sherdog member who was dumb enough to think he could be BI, supporting both Anti-Sherdog and sherdog’s. He is a wannabe Satanist who likes to talk trash behind your back, so be careful. He also tricks girls into thinking he is gay, but he is actually bi-sexual, and has loads of fun taking pictures of the unsuspecting girls. But it does not end there; he tricks men into thinking he is straight hoping he can get some head by eventually turning them gay. He currently has love interests in sherdog, TannerBJJ, LeiTong, Steve Pell, and Bababooey. His dream is to some day find Nick May and form a homosexual only fighting team. He has also confessed, that he likes to lick his own cum and get finger jobs from his girlfriends, I’M NOT KIDDING! And he is such a loser the girls don’t even give him any pussy afterwards. His most memorable moment on this site was when TBFTNE torched him in a one-sided flame war. Not only did TBFTNE expose him as a homosexual, he took away what little masculinity he had left in him.

He is another guy who wants to have sex with sherdog and defends him because he wants to ultimately marry him. By day he is a skater who gets his ass kicked on a constant bases, no one bought the crap that he knows Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but by night he is a drag-queen who goes around town using the alias Sarah Tyler looking for men to trick into anal sex. He is also a member of a group of obsessive video game lovers called “The Arena Of Death.”

Gavin Choke
His name is Gavin Choke, he got the name when he was forced to choke out his sparing partner by shoving his Bonner down his throat. Although Weenie Choke would have suited him better, it’s too small to call him Deep Throat!! He is a frog face French Canadian, like his neighbor Steve Pell, who likes to claim he “owned us.” We’re not sure what narcotic he’s sniffing, but we beat his ass on a constant basis, without a loss. He even told us “I’m not coming back, because it’s better than getting your ass kicked daily.” Sounds like a loss to us, and this statement even offended his pimp Dave Hojak, who was in a similar situation as him. His favorite fighter is Walid Ismail, because he likes the size of his mouth (good for Blowjobs) and got a serious erection when he saw Takahashi giving him a wedgie.

A computer geek who confessed that he is “biggest fag in the world.” He also confessed to jacking-off to sherdog’s picture, giving us this graphic detail: “I got my hands in my pants and am slowly stroking my nice hard cock.” He also joins Mayanxn on pokemon boards and chats about molesting those animals. When the heat got too hot for him on this site his best flame was “You are all gay because you got pictures on your icon.” He also derived his name from this sentence he wrote “JIGG-lypuff is A MAsturbation FUckfest.”

kimo 1345
One of Sherdog’s oldest members/ass-kissers. Sherdog has a special place in his heart for him because he was one of the few who supported his claim that Ron Waterman was the best MMA fighter ever. One of the funniest moments happened when he was asking about muscle enhancing drugs, but at the time he was in a flame war with TBFTNE. TBFTNE told him “Try steroids, I’ll laugh when you die!!” and he responded “You really are a sick fuck TBFTNE get some professional help!” He never appeared again until TBFTNE took his occasional long break from The only good thing about him is that when he first came on sherdog’s site he made an ass out of sherdog when sherdog actually thought he was talking to the real Kimo.

Has the hots for sherdog but seems to be in denial. Even asked us the question “I have molested dogs, children, and all kinds of animals. But, I never really had sex with a man. i only sucked some dick. Am I still a fag?” The obvious answer is YES! In fact his name is actually abbreviated for “Likes Enigma Injections”, the Tong part we assume is because he likes tongues licking his ass. He claims to be a bad ass Sambo master who fights evil gangsters in his high school gymnasium where a corrupt janitor lets him in every Sunday. He always claims he beat them and gained their respect afterwards. SUREÖ.then he walks off into the sunset and lives happily ever after in the magical world of homosexuals and Leprechauns. He also claims to be a depressed fuck who tried to commit suicide, went to the nut house, his dad raped him( OMG! I could go on and on).
FACT: He makes up all this bullshit cause he thinks it is actually cool! Most of it seems like scenes from “Girl Interrupted.” He does not do any MMA, unless you consider virtual UFC games with his fellow shercunts MMA. He was even badly embarrassed once when a guy at sharp edges found a website full of depressed poetry he claimed he wrote, obviously he copy and pasted that crap too. LOL, he deserves a Pulitzer, the only thing he leaves out is that part where Hannibal Lector eats his friend’s brain at the psycho ward!

To sum it up: A habitual lair. He constantly makes up things like “a champion kickboxer, and a rising star in Gracie Jiujitsu.” He even tricked people by showing a guy in a video clip claiming it was him (but it was not). The fact is that he is a kid who was caught on a pokemon website and apparently he also has a fetish for animals, explains why he likes sherdog. He asked things like “Which pokemon do you want to screw?” He is an anime fan, but not a manly one, his favorite shows are “Sailor Moon” and “Sucking DragonBallz.” He also embarrassed himself bad when he confessed that some kid beat him up and stole his pokemon trading cards, “and there is a tournament next weekend, what am I gonna do?” But be careful, after all he claims to be "lord of ultimate marines!"

Now this is really scary! This guy has made a site about Marco Ruas and even found a picture of him at a swimming pool wearing a thong! He is so obsessed about him he registered for his “Marco Ruas” ezboard account and jacks off to photos of him every day, although he occasionally forgets and jacks off to Randy Couture instead. As I have made known his real name is Rami, he is from Brooklyn, NY, and in the UG he posts as RamDaMan (lol)! He fought in many amateur jiu-jitsu events and lost every single time. His most embarrassing must have been when he lost to a 13 year old kid because he was too heavy. But be careful, this guy is also a Muslim extremist and is know to have connections to Osama Bin Laden.

Ron Waterman
Sherdog always had this love for him since he met him at an MMA event. Now they enjoy giving each other anal and blowjobs. Now you know why sherdog is the only guy who says nice things about him. Many bashed sherdog for over-hyping him and many were banned. He is rumored to have been posting as “slydawg” on sherdog’s board, but he tends to ignore the criticism. He even turned his cheek when everyone was talking about if Tank Abbott fought him Tank would break his “glass jaw.”

Steve Pell
JUST GO HERE: Schizophrenic Steve’s
**Sorry folks if you were looking for info about him, but due to requests from Lycos and Steve Pell himself that page is no longer available. I want my lost friends' memory to live on and will not risk it. If anyone still finds anything unsatisfactory for any reasons please contact me at and I will do my best to accomodate**

Shamrock Fan
His real name is Robbie Gulardo, or so he claims. He chose his name because of his never dying love for Ken Shamrock. Not only does he want to be a bad actor like him, he would also like to get into his wrestling trunks. He was once a critic of sherdog, until sherdog gave him a free blowjob. Now he wants to give everyone on a free blowjob. To sum it up he likes to suck dick, LITERALLY!

His name says it all: He wants to give sherdog a blowjob. That’s right BJJ does not stand for “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” is stands for “Blow-Job-Jeff Sherwood.” He also seems to have a thing for Evan Tanner, and someday we hope that he’ll be slammed down and humiliated by a guy like Tito Ortiz also. He is a very good friend of LeiTong, which explains why he thought he had “the best chance of being a great MMA fighter” (For more explanations read LeiTong’s profile above). Hungry for power and sherdog’s affection he bought an Ultimate Bulletin Board where like the sissy little girl he is talks trash behind our backs and bans anyone who tries to retort. The short time he was on our board many of our members gained victories over him, so I guess we’re happy. Practically being the administrator of the board, he gave administrative powers to his fellow gay pride and bestiality lovers: CarnalSalvation, LeiTong, Steve Pell, Gavin Choke, and his other alias Dave Hojak!!! Some believe he solely also wanted to strip kagemusha of his mod power when he bought the UBB, coming at a price tag of $200 down plus a monthly fee. Look at his face and tell us: Child Molester or a Dog Rapist?

ANTI-SHERDOG NOTE: members of and the Anti-Sherdog provided all of the information about sherdog’s cunts. If you have anything to add about these members or ones you like to see added, feel free to submit them at the forum or e-mail them to