This page was added me, Alco Howler, in 2009. I have left the most of the other pages as they were before Anti-Sherdog’s demise as a memorial.
These are the shercunts that I believed were noticeably absent in the first page.


Shootoking, who also went by RicoPlayz and RicoMacTaco, was the definition of poser and habitual liar. According to his myspace his real name is Dylan, he was a mentally fucked up Hawaiian who claimed to be the cousin of BJ Penn and a student of Egan Inoue, none of which were proven to be true. In fact there were many instances where he shot him self in the foot. In 2001 he claimed to be a fighter that fought on some low-key MMA shows and made everyone on sherdog’s go gaga over him, but still he exposed how stupid the shercunts were for believing him. Then someone calling himself “Reality Check” who we suspected was our own TBFTNE, dug up the rosters of these events (some didn’t even exist) and proved he made up the whole thing. Humiliated he was razzed out by his fellow shercunts. But he decided to come to Anti-Sherdogs along with Magic Man From Fairy Land and make a fresh new start.

Despite knowing about his reputation, we at Anti-Sherdog’s accepted anyone who “saw the light of Anti-Sherdog and rejected the dark underworld of Sherdog.” We got along well at first, but he also had a reputation of being a traitor who would eventually anger his closest friends and make them want to kill him, and that’s exactly what happened. After TannerBJJ bribed all of Anti-Sherdog’s webhosts to shut down his original site, Anti eventually managed to get it back up, but noticeably Shooto didn’t return. He was one of our more frequent members and all of us were confused at first. It turned out that he went under an alias known as “Dave Blaine” when he came back, but he was so racist and annoying under this account that Anti banned him thinking he was Steve Pell in disguise. Anti still gave Shootoking access to our private member board, but TannerBJJ came on frequently to retort to these private subjects (mostly about him)…at this point we suspected a rat. On top of that Shooto was given admin powers at sherdog’s by Tanner. Kagemusha then contacted him and he claimed he was banned from our board, which made us scratch our heads. Kage then told us he practically cussed him off during an AIM conversation and that he turned his back on Anti-Sherdog’s, even posting the AIM itself on our forum. Kage was a former shercunt himself so we had a hard time believing him (I apologize now), so Anti contacted Shooto and he denied the whole thing, so Anti had Shooto meet with him, kage, and others on his now defunct forumone board. Shooto came off as strange/demented during this meeting and members like “sherdog’s 2-inch penis,” Little Moe, RTR, Ryan Stiles, and Mike Corleone publicly began to get behind Kage and criticized Shooto. He went ballistic but still maintained he was loyal to Anti-Sherdog’s. But then Coleman the Ape, one of our core members, told us Shooto contacted him shortly afterwards and Shooto claimed we talked smack on him. We knew then that he was THE RAT as he was obviously trying to cause a mutiny. We also knew that he sold us out to Tanner/Hojak for admin powers on sherdog’s and was relaying him secret information, he even claimed to be the new Hojak (like it’s even an honor). Anti immediately rescinded his access to the private forums and only then did he finally come back on. We flamed him into cinder for selling us out, but showing how retarded he really is, all his posts only consisted of “just die” and “go kill yourself.” Some of us were super pissed and challenged him to a fight, he would always accept but we knew he was bluffing. RTR even showed up to an MMA event in Calgary where Shooto claimed to be vacationing and he accepted a challenge to confront him there. But according to RTR “The only Hawaiian I saw was a fine hottie than I went home with later that night.”

When Tanner was betrayed by Sherdog himself and banished, sherdog took away all admin and mod power from Tanner’s gang, including Shooto, in a sense of karma in the end he got nothing for his betrayal. Yet he was given admin power on Tanner’s new forum at GlobalMMA. But soon he managed to piss them off just like he pissed us off and was banished. He disappeared from the MMA scene and made a pretty pointless forum called “Paradise,” most of the members were him at first, but he worked so hard at it that he eventually got some decent traffic…until it died in 2005. At this point he practically wanted to forget about the whole Anti-Sherdog/Sherdog/TannerBJJ era of his life and banned anyone who’d come on to diss him about it.

His history is still recorded on these threads at the Anti-Sherdog Forum


Sackless shercunt that liked to talk a lot of smack on us in the safety of sher-world, but refused to confront us man to man on Anti-Sherdog’s forum. In December 2001, Anti-Sherdog himself tricked Tanner Rhoden into giving him mod power on sherdog’s by imping Steve Pell. During his 3 days imping Pell’s alias Madman Willis, Anti would repeatedly blast Squatdog, which made him scratch his head and sackless nuts in confusion. But soon we would find out that he was “special” as you can see from his picture above.


This was a tough choice, but in the end I got to say he was a shercunt for his support of TannerBJJ. He came on Anti-Sherdog’s in 2001 asking for membership, the terms were that he had to be loyal to us only and not support sherdog. At first he agreed and he became a frequent member, his best friend during his run here was that traitor Shootoking. Things got rocky when he got into a war of words with Coleman the Ape and strongly objected to RTR and kagemusha’s membership. After TannerBJJ sabotaged Anti-Sherdog’s, he went back to sherdog’s where Anti, posing as Steve Pell, suggested to TannerBJJ that he give Magic Man mod power and he agreed. We all thought that he’d use his new mod power help us get sherdog and TannerBJJ back for their malicious actions, but disappointingly he didn’t. When Anti-Sherdog managed to get the site back up, not wanting to lose his mod power on sherdog’s he only agreed to return in secret and post exclusively in our private forums and even rejected an offer by Anti to be put up in our member’s area. This didn’t sit well with us, but we had a hard time telling him off because of his past contributions.

Our mods secretly believed he was MMA fighter Elvis Sinosic in disguise, he said he was from Australia and was part Asian just like Elvis. He even made numerous threads asking us what we thought of Elvis, knowing it could possibly be him we kept saying good things about him. He would also disappear those weeks leading up to any Elvis fight and reappear at most 2 days after. Elvis also never appeared on shedog’s UNTIL Magic Man got the mod power, seemed like an act of gratitude. Then as karma would have, he lost it all when sherdog betrayed TannerBJJ and stripped all his pals of mod status, his friendship with Shootoking would also end around this time because well….Shooto is Shooto LOL. If he was Elvis, and I got to believe he was, karma also could be said for his losses to Tito Ortiz, Evan Tanner, and Renato Sobral during his run here, he especially came back in a bad mood after the Sobral fight. But if he was Elvis I got wonder what was he doing here? I mean the UG already took great care of him and he knew we were against the e-MMA.


Not much bad to say about him, but he makes the list because of his run on sherdog’s as Jeff Sherwood’s Poster Boy. A shame really, but he got into enough problems with his high speed chase and drug possession charges in 2009, afterwards retiring from the UFC…but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Yu Ko Sin, kronicking2001, & shootfighter2001

I am very surprised Anti never put them up because they were probably some of his biggest wins. They all came from the same board, the now defunct Their leader Yu Ko Sin and his lackeys came on sherdog’s trying to get his site going and laughably made anyone who came on his board a token mod. To their credit they were the first to openly challenge Anti-Sherdogs when the others just refused to come on. However, it would be a huge mistake. After getting beaten around for a few days, Anti got into a war with shootfighter2001 and told him “I know where you shop” and put up a comical picture of “Anal-Mart.” He responded by saying “The only time I got anal was when your daddy held me down.” It was so humiliating that even the other shercunts who had his back (Carnal Salvation, Bill Elder, Bababooey/kagemusha, LeiTong, damien21, & mayanxn) told him he was badly beaten. Extremely embarrassed by shootfighter2001's self-defeat, they all conceded defeat and said they would never come back. They then went on sherdog’s blaming their defeat on the shercunts who didn’t come on Anti-Sherdog’s to help them.

Shortly afterwards their board was spammed with gay porn by Bababooey, which was clearly an imp as the real one denied it. Yu Ko Sin immediately blamed Anti and contacted him by e-mail, Anti denied it himself, but after more flame wars he said “don’t respond as I’m not going to read it” (I smell LOSER). He was even one of the shercunts who predicted we’d fail before him (but we lasted a good 3 years more than his shitty website). TannerBJJ, one of the token mods, was so enraged about the spamming (even though he couldn’t prove Anti-Sherdog’s had anything to do with it) that it might have been the start of his pro-sherdog & bestiality feelings (we know he was gay long before). Yu Ko's gang was last seen on sherdog’s days before 9-11-01, when sherdog bashed kronicking2001 for telling everyone sherdog sold overpriced MMA videos and even bootlegged ones.


ANTI-SHERDOG NOTE:Members of and the Anti-Sherdog provided all of the information about sherdog’s cunts. If you have anything to add about these members or ones you like to see added, feel free to submit them at the forum or e-mail them to