Jeff “Sherdog” Sherwood Interview

Sherdog is the former owner of This whole site is dedicated to him so I won’t explain anymore. Here’s a 2001 interview he did with Anti-Sherdog…he tricked Sherdog into the interview by telling him he was actually with Full Contact Fighter Magazine.-Alco Howler

Anti-Sherdog: Who of these 4 women is the hottest? Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez or Pam Anderson?

Sherdog:None. I am more into things with 4 legs…but Ron Waterman is the main stud for me...everything I love about a man big, muscular, likes to smoother you with his weight…just wish his most important muscle was bigger.

Anti-Sherdog: How do you like your women…I guess MEN down below? Hitler stash or completely shaved?

Sherdog: I like them hairy just like my beard.

Anti-Sherdog: You’re obviously not one, just one that reports on them. But what is the best thing about being a famous MMA fighter? The money, sex or fame?

Sherdog: Sex, I swore off women long ago because they kept making fun of my weight…I was so tired of being lonely I had so much love to give. I resorted to bestiality…loved it! Until I had my first boy-boy experience…now I do both at the same time.

Anti-Sherdog: Gag…more than I wanted to know.

Sherdog: Don’t be a hater Jack…people need loving in all sorts of places and with all sorts of things.

Anti-Sherdog: What’s the most important on a woman…I mean m-a-n? Perfect Ass, perfect breast…chest I assume….or perfect face?

Sherdog: PENIS! Nothing can beat a hot-rod.

Anti-Sherdog: Gag….well what’s the best after fight parties? Japan, USA, Holland or Brazil?

Sherdog: I got to say Holland…those Dutch really know how to cater to your every fetish. Once I was in a dark alley with a man, transsexual, and pitbull and man…

Anti-Sherdog: That’s enough! Weed or alcohol?

Sherdog: Do I have to choose?

Anti-Sherdog: Yes.

Sherdog: I find weed to be quite an aphrodisiac.

Anti-Sherdog: Anal sex, for it or against it?

Sherdog: Giving or receiving? I don’t want to be given a loaded question.

Anti-Sherdog: How about receiving.

Sherdog: 100% for it! Ron Waterman always tells me that he’s the pitcher and my fat ass is the catcher and I shouldn’t forget it.

Anti-Sherdog: How old were you the first time you had sex?

Sherdog: I was 40 years old I think.

Anti-Sherdog: Your dream car?

Sherdog: An ice cream truck.

Anti-Sherdog: Who would you rather date? A hot ass stripper or a hot ass secretary?

Sherdog: A hot male stripper of coarse.

Anti-Sherdog: OK, now let’s get down to a personal question. What do you think about Anti-Sherdog’s?

Sherdog: Fuck them! They made me cry countless nights…I mean I got feelings and I don’t appreciate being made fun of for my weight and sexual preferences.

Anti-Sherdog: They claim they turned on you because you unfairly censored them for not sharing your views and banned them. Care to add anything?

Sherdog: My website…if you don’t like it then I say get off! Luckily I found so much sher-sheep that I can saying damn thing I please and they’ll still get under my desk or run to the nearest Motel 6 with me.

Anti-Sherdog: So you are saying that your supporters are nothing more than mindless zombies?

Sherdog: Well….yeah! If they had any brains at all then I’d be out of luck and on skid row rather than getting VIP’s to MMA events.

Anti-Sherdog: Is it true you are HIV positive?

Sherdog: No comment…and if your next question is about my weight issues then I’m hanging up the phone.

Anti-Sherdog: OK then, what’s your take on your critics saying your success was a fluke and that you got no business sense?

Sherdog: I say kiss my XXXXXL ass!

Anti-Sherdog: Many said you should put your camera down and face them…put your money where your mouth is I guess. What do you say to them?

Sherdog: I haven’t exercised since high school…and that was ages ago….I say no way…I’ll tell them I’d fight but then I leave them hanging because….geez spiders scare me and these guys might be MMA trained.

Anti-Sherdog: You seem to have something against women…yet a few months ago I found you on a thread on the Underground Forum where a 14 year old girl was getting harassed for nude pictures. When she asked for a site to host them so she could hotlink them there you threw your website into the mix. What’s the deal?

Sherdog: OMG…14 year olds…do I need to say anymore. Besides she was kind of ugly and I assumed she was a man.

Anti-Sherdog: You do know that’s illegal right?

Sherdog: Who’s gonna nark me?

Anti-Sherdog: Me! I’m not Jack smith from FCFighter..I’m the Anti-Sherdog himself…the cops should be at your door soon.

Sherdog: You dickheaded fucking piece of crap….*gasp*…how could you….*gasp*….don’t you have anything better to do….*gasp*…I’ll send Ron Waterman to beat your ass into a puddle….*gasp*…..I……..I…………….I…I…I…. YEOOOWW!!!!!

Indistinct chattering in the back ground: Jeff! Jeff! Are you OK……he’s not breathing….OMG someone call the medics!!!

Man in the background: The cops are here! Thanks goodness!

2nd man in the background:Please help him he’s having a heart attack!

Cop 1: Is this Jeff Sherwood?

Man in the background: Yes! Please help him!

Cop 1: He should be under arrest but all right. Stand clear everyone! I’m going to perform CPR…Oh shit he smells!!!

Cop 2: The ambulance is on the way…a guy his size was probably asking for one[a heart attack]….what’s that phone doing on the ground! Someone hang it up!

That was the end of the transmission. In a follow up, despite the fact sherdog should have been in big trouble for this (IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED) The Underground Forum admins, Dave Roy and Kirik Jenness, covered up the evidence and no charges were filed…a shame. And he unfortunately survived the heart attack as well.