Every quote from sherdog that are posted was saved from my recollection in chronological order. Every quote is true, I have not bent any truth and posted them as they were, but edited some for web-space. He later erased a bunch of them from his site when he noticed he was losing credibility. –The Anti-Sherdog


1) [Anti-Sherdog note: this was the post that made me turn on him, I used to post under a different name of coarse, I used to love his site, but who the hell wanted to take this?]

sherdog: Don’t go spouting your own opinions! Do you think you know more about NHB than me? NO! So keep your mouth shut this is the only warning I will give you!

Anti-Sherdog: Wait just a minute here, everything I wrote was either a fact or I heard it from you! That was a pretty dumb comment to make and I wonder how many people will stay on your site if you treat them like you just treated me. So don’t go spouting your opinions sherdog!

sherdog: Isn’t that cute, you actually think anyone gives a damn about your thoughts?!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Of coarse I was not going to take this so I bombed his site severely, he then banned me and claimed he tracked me down but the name and place he gave out was totally bullshit, since then I have exposed him for the homo and animal sexual he is, and when I can occasionally get back on I look forward to dissing the fuck out of him!]

2) [Anti-Sherdog note: This came months later, a guy named Imposter Sherdog wrote this and a lot more, but this one about sherdog is the only one I copied.]

Imposter Sherdog: You ever wonder what they really are like?
Sherdog in fantasy: he wants you to think he is the greatest MMA expert in the world and runs a cool website.
Sherdog in reality: he is a fat guy with glasses who gets all of his information from

Sherdog: HA! If you like so much go there and stay there!! They have a forum there were all the faggots like you can post.

3) [Anti-Sherdog note: This one came when he first got his ezboard.]
TBFTNE: This is fucked up sherdog! Why do you keep getting so many new boards? If I had my own website I know it would look 100 times better than this one. And why don’t you do something about those fucking imps?!!

Sherdog: My bravenet account was deleted, I got tired of all the bullshit. And go ahead make your own site, if it will keep you off mine I’ll be really happy.

4) [Anti-Sherdog note: This one came during shortly after Alco Howler made fun of Ron Waterman. Amazingly Alco Howler got him to cry off for 4 and a half months after this, and Alco wreaked some fine havoc on his site.]

Sherdog: Just tired of the BS guys! Stop making fun of Ron Waterman, he is a stud and comes on here often. You are now required to register with a valid e-mail account. C’mon guys this is getting old!

Alco Howler: This was just a joke sherdog! LAUGH!!!

5) [Anti-Sherdog note: This came after months of therapy caused by Alco Howler’s comment, this was unfair, but he was obviously out to get him.]

Alco Howler: Mark Coleman winning the Pride GP? NO WAY! He just had an easier road to the finals; luck was totally on his side. Vovchanchyn should have rightfully won, this was a total fluke! Also Ken beat Otsuka, who didn’t expect that? And Mezger beat Satake.

Sherdog: First ban!
Enough was enough! Alco Howler say good-bye!!
Ip number 201.300.987

Alco Hauler: Thank you sherdog I was getting so sick of him! I ignored him as long as I could. Thank you!

Alco Howler: Why am I still here then? And why did you try to ban me? Because I was giving away Pride results? That is a really stupid reason! I know of many guys you should ban before you even consider me. I’ll leave it at that for now.

[Anti-Sherdog: Yes, believe it or not Sherdog could not ban Alco Howler because he could not run the ezboard, what an IDIOT!]

6) [Anti-Sherdog note: Alco Howler always claimed he was the original Alco Hauler, this one stole his name, but sherdog liked this new Alco Hauler better and treated him unfairly; then came this:]

Alco Howler: I’m sick of this!! Why do you keep erasing my posts and let others write even more offensive ones?! And you obviously know shit about MMA sherdog that is why your site died, no one wants to hear gibberish from a smelly obese bastard! Why don’t you sign it over to me?!

sherdog: HA! Why don’t you make your own! I’d love to see how shitty it looks!

[Anti-Sherdog note: That provoked this on the Underground forum:]

Sherdog: HELP!! I need to ban this dickhead! How do you ban people on ezboard? I tried everything to get rid of this stupid shit! [Anti-Sherdog note:Obviously Alco Howler was the guy he was talking about].

chokeyou2: All right you dumb fucking, here is how you do it: [Anti-Sherdog note:he gave him instructions next, but you don’t want to hear them.].

7) [Anti-Sherdog note: Alco Howler was furious that he was banned and spammed sherdog’s polls and guestbook mercilessly in retaliation. He then posted this on his site:]

sherdog: Please sign my new guestbook. I had about 200 people sign the old one but I had to delete it because some dickhead messed with it.

8)[Anti-Sherdog notes: Unfortunately with all of sherdog’s modifications, including the discontinuation of his guestbook and polls, Alco Howler was done, but he still posts on my board today. But the funny part was sherdog’s board died for 3 months after he banned Alco Howler, until this post AMAZINGLY brought it back to life:]

sherdog: This place sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope the new board come through soon [Anti-Sherdog note: it never did]. When it does I hope all the good posters will come back and all the bad ones will just bug off!!!

RC HODGES: YEAH! YOUR SITE DOES SUCK! WHY DON’T YOU BAN ALL THE IMP TROLLS YOU STUPID ASSHOLE! [Anti-Sherdog note: Another amazing thing was RC was NOT banned!! That makes me suspicious? Hmmm..]

Sherdog: Kiss my ass!!!

Alco Hauler: You know sherdog even I got to say you did not do a good job of keeping us interested. That is why your site sucked so much. [Anti-Sherdog note: Amazingly again, Alco Hauler, who kissed his ass from day 1, was dissing him!]

Sherdog: Suck my dick!!!

Raging Bison: [Anti-Sherdog note: I shortened this because his original comments were too long] You know sherdog why don’t you talk to us more instead of writing this crap maybe you wouldn’t have so much crap to bitch about then!

Shamrock fan: Oh, fuck off! Why are you guys so mean to sherdog? Just shut up!

RC HODGES: Awwww…more ass kissing by shamrock fan! What is next a blowjob?

[Anti-Sherdog note: Many more criticized him after this and he banned everybody from then on until he finally deleted this post. I guess it was making him cry!]

9) [Anti-Sherdog note: Then came the terrible Emperor Crank who trolled his board with millions of aliases, until sherdog made a critical mistake.]

Emperor Crank: Fuck you!
iHATEu: Fuck your mother!
Emperor Crank: Fuck your family!
Emperor Crank: OH NO!!!! I LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherdog: You’re all the same guy! Why are you doing this you stupid shit?! If you want someone to talk to stand in front of a mirror!

Emperor Crank-Damn it Sherdog! Why did you have to do that! I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Crank badly spammed his board in retaliation; of coarse, this was the end of Emperor Crank’s reign.]

10) [Anti-Sherdog note: After the Emperor Crank era had passed, sherdog stopped actively talking to his posters, but amazingly it grew to life as you see it today (2001), KIND OF SAD! Then came Thomas McPike who ruined his site so bad MMA truly became Men Molesting Animals. This was in response to someone on the Underground Forum who told sherdog off. It was one of many!]

anonymous poster: Sherdog your site has become a hellhole of shit! There are so many people on there talking about having sex with their sisters and a bunch of racist assholes blowing each other that it is not even respectable anymore. Why don’t you give the site to your posters because they practically run it you stupid gay asshole?!!!!!!!!

sherdog: I hate my message board! Alright, I admit it my site does suck. Nobody but guys who want to start some serious crap comes on to my site. Day after day they test my patience. But fuck you! Who are you to judges me? True I may be a life long nobody, I haven’t exercised since high school, I have yet to find a date who does not support some serious baggage, and I sure as hell know I could never do MMA actively. But on my porcelain chair, in front of my monitor, I am a king. So you’d better listen and let me tell you there will be some changes!
[Anti-Sherdog note: It appears he was at a very low point when he wrote this.]

11)[Anti-Sherdog note: This was a follow up to the harsh criticism he was getting on the UG. He posted it on his own forum:]

sherdog: It is time!!!!!
All right there have been a bunch of stupid ass racists punks trolling this board lately. I have taken personal criticism because of this. I assigned some people moderators to this board now. They will watch it along with me and delete and ban assholes! So don't be a asshole! It is pretty sad when things have to come down to this but this is the way it has to be.

12)[Anti-Sherdog note: this one he posted on his site]
04-13-01 9:15 am PST

Message Board Cleaned Up
Our messageboard is now set with quite a few moderators who will keep our discussion forum a much happier, safer place. Thanks to everyone who send us loads of emails on this topic, you may quit now.

13)[Anti-Sherdog note: This was posted on his own forum regarding the hundreds of people he banned, among them Coleman the Ape, Ryan Stiles, Thomas McPike, Kuhne, etc.]

Re: Whos Banned?
He[Carnal Salvation] is not banned! I didn't like it to have to end up like this but if you feel the board was not out of control something is wrong with you. Just don't be a total jackass and then you will never have to worry about being banned!
[Anti-Sherdog note: Actually Carnal said he WAS banned.]

14) [Anti-Sherdog note: After the multiple and some unreasonable bans NickSucks started a campaign against him.]

Who said MMA discussion had to be dead serious. Isn't it about the fun? Those Dictators have formed a totalitarian society at these MMA forums. No one can have fun. No one can post what is really on their minds. BREAK FREE form these tyrants. Break free from the iron grip of Jeff sherdog, Josh Hedges, Kirik, and David Roy. We must fight for our right of free speech. You must join me, and come to a place where you can say anything you want. A place where your topics are never deleted by minions and secret police(moderators). Stay with me and you will see the dream. The dream of the great Anti-sherdog. We salute you Great ANTI-SHERDOG!!!
come to anti sherdog's

[Anti-Sherdog note: I’m flattered :). But sherdog was truly pissed off and challenged NickSucks to a flame war. He started it off with the now famous quote:]

sherdog: I'm ready for you! You wanna go post to post with me? Bring it on, jackass. I’ll send you back to Anti-Sherdog’s MASTURBATING!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Sherdog's fight was short lived as he lost within 2 posts. Nicksucks bitchified Sherdog beyond embarrassment. Plus sherdog for the first time admitted how much this site was bothering him. Sherdog felt so embarrassed that he banned NickSucks, deleted his comments and started to diss him after he was banned. Sherdog then declared victory in front of his cunts, when in reality Nick was banned so he couldn't fight back. And wait a second, send him back here masturbating? Only he knows what the hell that meant.]

14) sherdog: (9/4/01 10:36:08 am)
Reply Re: Any new sherdog videos?
Were you not the one on the ug and on this forum complaining and blasting me about how I over charge people and complaining about the prices of my videos which are priced as everyone elses excluding major .com's. Now you want us to post videos for you to see? Do you think all of this stuff is free? Every video costs us money to make. so next time you go to bag on the prices just keep your mouth shut and just don't buy any of my videos! But me being the nice guy I am I will still let you view our videos that we make for free!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Doesn’t this just break your heart….but sherdog is a cleaver rip-off artist! He sells his tapes for $30-$40, while other dot-coms sell theirs for $20-$30, does this sound like $0.17 profit to you, like sherdog claims? They’re overpriced that is why he gets so angry, cause he can’t sell any if we keep exposing him. “Every video costs us money to make,” sounds bootlegged also.]

haha sherdog owned you

damn sherdog bro!
take it easy, for one i did say you overcharged, but i never said i had a problem with it, and second you dont overcharge on all things, which i said in the same post just later on in the thread, and i didnt complain about u on the UG? if i did i was just letting someone know the video they were asking about was cheaper ona different site..... if someone asks where to get a certain video for cheap im not gonna lie and tell them SHERDODGS the cheapest in the world!!
i also said i would continue to buy from you as i was going to purchase the book which i originally stated was overcharged and later took it back and apologized as u had the price correct...
im sorry for any confusion... i understand your a business man, but im not going to say you have the best buys when it comes to videos because you dont
[Anti-Sherdog note: I actually agree about the part where sherdog does not have the best buys, and I don’t agree with shercunts too often.]

DAMN = second best MMA website on the net right after
'Be the best, beat the rest'!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Is that why my “daddy held [shootfighter2001] down?” (ask my members about this one). And he got that wrong, = best MMA website!]

15) [Anti-Sherdog note: This is an e-mail from Samad regarding the situation with Dave Hojak, back when he was on good terms with sherdog.]

Mon, 27 May 2002 23:01:26 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: you have a problem
What's the deal????

I want to challenge Hoejack to a bare fisted match but he keeps ducking me that mofo bitch and that he's a racist cocksucker.

Why you feel you have to talk @#%$ to me?
Don't be a @#%$ you might just get your ass handed to you!

Ok, fatman y don't you tell hoejack to e-mail me and we can set something up.

How about this when you come to LA if you have any balls walk up to me and call me fatman!

[Anti-Sherdog note: Hojak/Tanner Rhoden, the biggest sherkunt in the site's history has yet to accept any of our challenges. And sherdog was all talk.]


16) This here is an AIM conversation Jeff Sherwood had with our member kagemusha2012 on 11/02/02. Kagemusha (or “kage” as we knew him) was a former sherdog member who joined us after he was betrayed by Tanner Rhoden, when he took over for a while.

kagemusha 2012: hey jeff, thanx for ignoring my IM
kagemusha 2012: haha
sherdogsmma: what are you talking about
kagemusha 2012: i IMed you a while ago...maybe two times
kagemusha 2012: about why i was banned
sherdogsmma: sometimes my work computer is on
kagemusha 2012: ok
sherdogsmma: you were banned way back when telling someone you were going to hack the website
kagemusha 2012: and where did you hear that?
kagemusha 2012: let me tell you, i never said nor conspired to do something like that
kagemusha 2012: i was banned for absolutley nothing, except that JAke had a problem with me
sherdogsmma: well why did you still get banned when Jake was gone
kagemusha 2012: thats a great question, and im trying to figure that one out
kagemusha 2012: hence ive been trying to ask you...or garret, but you both seem to have the habit of blowing people off
sherdogsmma: we are just both very busy
kagemusha 2012: well i know garret blew me off
kagemusha 2012: you know man...its funny, how things have changed
sherdogsmma: he is one of the guys that is running the forum now
sherdogsmma: changed?
kagemusha 2012: how the quality of posters has dropped since the ez board days
sherdogsmma: I don't think so
kagemusha 2012: you let some moron like hojak take over and made a mess of everything
sherdogsmma: they have just trippled
kagemusha 2012: its quality not quantity
sherdogsmma: cannot do nothing about the numbers
kagemusha 2012: it used to be a peoples (fan's) it has become controlled by childish mods, whove turned the place into a pre school gathering
sherdogsmma: people are signing up like crazy
sherdogsmma: it is a business
sherdogsmma: you need to understand that
kagemusha 2012: yeah thats good, but the way its run has changed
kagemusha 2012: i understnad that, and i was always supportive of your cause
sherdogsmma: well you cannot let people be stupid
kagemusha 2012: if you are just gonna ban long time supporters with no good reason and blow em off, dont be surprised that places like anti form
kagemusha 2012: you loose real fighters and real fans, when you put a 13 year old kids to run your forums
sherdogsmma: haha
sherdogsmma: I could care less about Anti
sherdogsmma: could get it shut down in a second
sherdogsmma: and the address taken away
sherdogsmma: but I don't care
kagemusha 2012: yeah well, it seems that they always have a new breeding ground
kagemusha 2012: you know the more you treat your suppoters like @#%$, the bigger anti becomes?
kagemusha 2012: guess you dont care
sherdogsmma: no the more you try to make kids mind the more they turn against you
kagemusha 2012: ?
kagemusha 2012: i dont think you understand
sherdogsmma: I don;t think you do
sherdogsmma: you are a kid yourself
kagemusha 2012: ok, so what dont i understand
sherdogsmma: it is a business
sherdogsmma: you cannot let people be idiots
kagemusha 2012: did i say you could ?
kagemusha 2012: was i an idiot?
kagemusha 2012: i got banned because a kid named hojak had a problem with me
sherdogsmma: and you told him you were going to hack the forum
sherdogsmma: he showed me the convo
sherdogsmma: and Garrett
kagemusha 2012: what?
sherdogsmma: that is why you got banned in the first place
kagemusha 2012: well it must have been fake
sherdogsmma: nah
kagemusha 2012: i dont think so man...cause thats a load of crap
sherdogsmma: you even aimed me a few times
sherdogsmma: being a idiot
kagemusha 2012: i never said that
sherdogsmma: cussing at me and calling names
kagemusha 2012: what>?
kagemusha 2012: man are you for real?
kagemusha 2012: i never IMed...i emailed you in a business manner
kagemusha 2012: you forget Jeff? you are the one who IMed me, pretending to be someon called Corey?
kagemusha 2012: you are full of it
sherdogsmma: maybe not but I think so
sherdogsmma: haha
sherdogsmma: did I say Cory
sherdogsmma: I don't know
kagemusha 2012: thats what you said
sherdogsmma: I just do not have time to deal with all the problems on the forum
sherdogsmma: email the email I sent you and talk to him
sherdogsmma: and work things out with him
kagemusha 2012: man you love to run around the bush dont u
sherdogsmma: he knows more of the board going ons then I do
sherdogsmma: no I just don't deal with the forum
sherdogsmma: gotta more important things to do
sherdogsmma: that's why I have other people
kagemusha 2012: well i dont want to post on your forums anyway.....its run like a private gay club
kagemusha 2012: i get banned because..........?/????
sherdogsmma: then why you keep buggin me about it
kagemusha 2012: i dont even get an explanation
kagemusha 2012: ok jeff, act it up buddy
kagemusha 2012: Haha corey....
sherdogsmma: explanation about what
kagemusha 2012: why the @#%$ i got banned
kagemusha 2012: i never said anything about hacking...@#%$, do you actually believe that yellow skinned liar Hojak?
sherdogsmma: I told you the only story I got
sherdogsmma: other then that I have no idea
sherdogsmma: I think it was Tanner actually
sherdogsmma: I have a bad memory
kagemusha 2012: yeah, and u never replied to my emails about it...u didnt even give me a chance to explain my side
kagemusha 2012: ok whatever
kagemusha 2012: if thats the way u are , @#%$ it
sherdogsmma: I never remember getting any emails
kagemusha 2012: uh huh
sherdogsmma: do you not understand when I say I'm busy
sherdogsmma: I had two jobs
sherdogsmma: a wife
sherdogsmma: three kids
sherdogsmma: and a ton of other @#%$ to do
kagemusha 2012: yeah, well it doesnt take a min to look itno something as simple as this
sherdogsmma: I get 50 of these a week
kagemusha 2012: its alright man, i haven t had anything to do with your forum of a year now so i dont care
kagemusha 2012: i just wanted to hear what you had to say about why i was banned
sherdogsmma: right now I'm trying to get some work done after traveling all weekend and just got back home
kagemusha 2012: well like i said, you had the time to pretend you were corey and IM me
kagemusha 2012: i never IMed you
kagemusha 2012: so ithought id ask you about it, since you did
kagemusha 2012: btw, garret is fuckin fag
sherdogsmma: see
sherdogsmma: saying stuff like that you would never get on
kagemusha 2012: i dont care buddy, im only speaking my mind about how your forum is run
kagemusha 2012: you and garret cant seem to handle the truth
sherdogsmma: oh well
kagemusha 2012: yeah oh well...thats the way you act
kagemusha 2012: you dont give a @#%$...but i know that both of you are ctivily monitoring the board, so you dont have to pretend like you dont know what im talkin about
sherdogsmma: very rarely

** The battle still continues today and sherdog is bound to making more embarrassing comments to add on here. If you catch sherdog making anymore outrageous comments please help me by turning them in to me, or at the forum.
Thank you- The Anti-Sherdog**