Sherdog’s Pictures of No Time Table
If you are offended by good looking men then leave!-Sherdog

There is just something about this guy! Isn’t he a dream?!!-Sherdog

I'll let you whip me and make me lick your privates anytime Tito.-Sherdog

I bet your girlfriends never even gave you a postcard this hot!!-Sherdog

A night on the town with my two favorite Ho's Tannerina and Garreta-Sherdog

What an honor, we've been recognized by our hometown! We're Famous!!!-Sherdog

There's a bit of truth to this act of vandalizm, luckily for me gay marraige is still legal on the internet or else Anti's would have kicked my ass long ago (FYI This used to be their site's old banner until late in 2003)-Sherdog

You never forget your first love <3<3<3
We made a cute couple back in the day...just me and Tank-Sherdog

My loyal member CarnalSalvation (aka Taylor Wilson) call yourself an artist...this sucks!!!-Sherdog

Romo's at their best locked in a steel cage....exactly why I got into this in the first place!!!
Gray Maynard attempts to tickle Frankie Edgar while holding his private parts but Edgar tries to make a run for it.-Sherdog