This website is a dedication to the original Anti-Sherdog’s, which unfortunately came to an end around late 2004 and was forced to close for good in October 2009 when the site’s server (geocities) opted to no longer offer free hosting. Scroll down and click "Enter" to enjoy and if you wish to learn more about Anti-Sherdog’s and visit us on myspace. For the record I am NOT the Anti-Sherdog, but consider myself a founding member.

Warning, this site supports free speech on the internet and may or may not be found offensive by viewers. If you are a supporter of the Internet Mixed Martial Arts community, please think twice before entering this website since this site has been dedicated to argue against the e-mma community and their opinions. Though this site is pro-free speech. It has been updated and approved by our host's Terms of Service. This site was created as a Parady of the Internet Mixed Martial Arts Community and should not be taken seriously. But, this site does contain strong language and foul humor, therefore please do not enter this site unless you are 18 years of age. By clicking Enter you are agreeing to all of our terms therefore you may not have any arguements against our organization. Thank you - Administrator of

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