Here are some of jhedges infamous quotes. Although I have not known him nearly as long as sherdog, I have managed to dig out some of his old quotes from his ezboard. At first he seemed like a cool guy who knew a lot about MMA and always kept his cool. But the controversy was that he was also a guy named RC HODGES. It is believed that he wanted to diss those he did not like under this alias and keep up a good-guy act as jhedges. Although I do not know if that is true, the evidence is overwhelming.

1) [Anti-Sherdog note: Apparently this was provoked when TBFTNE spammed Hedgesí board. Tired of being censored by Hedges, TBFTNE decided enough was enough. I asked him about it and he told me it was probably one of the most horrifying things Hedges probably had to erase.]

jhedges: Thanks to that dickless fuck TBFTNE!!!
You are now required to register and you can thank that dickless fuck TBFTNE for that. I had to spend 30 minutes erasing all that crap he put on my site. I admit it, it was my mistake, I unbanned his ip number and he pounced right back on here. Some guys just should not get a second chance. I donít know what his obsession is with ruining peopleís websites. But let me tell you this TBFTNE, if you continue to do this I will sue you! AND YES I CAN SUE YOU TBFTNE!! Or if you would like to take it out with me personally I would be more than happy!

[Anti-Sherdog note: This was followed up by a lot of hate mail for TBFTNE and a lot of support for Josh Hedges, mostly from whitfield, Alco Hauler, RC HODGES, and the Gila Monster. Hedges then concluded he did not make a mistake and that TBFTNE only got back on because he changed his ISP.]

2)[Anti-Sherdog note: TBFTNE told me he was banned from the ezboard, but not from the guestbook so he spammed it too. That caused Hedges issue this in response to his closing comments:]

jhedges: LOL, look at what TBFTNE wrote:
ďHey geek, I see that you have banned me. But I just want to say I will be more than glad to kick your ass in person. And did I hear something about suing me? Well, let me make it simple for you, Iím from EnglandÖYEAH RIGHT!! What do you think I am an idiot?!! What are you gonna sue me for TRASHTALKING?! Wow, youíll get a lot of money from me (letís say a good 2 cents!)Ö Anyways I just want to say your theory of me using a new server is such bullshit, I just change my ip number easily, didnít know I was that good with the computer huh?! I just want to say that I am still posting on your site under a different nameÖ maybe? Just like to mess with your mind hedges! But if I am telling the truth Iíll be back to bomb your site in oh letís say 2 WEEKS. See you later JIZZ HEADGES!!!Ē

First of all I just want to say that I have been talking to my lawyer about this and this is why I can sue you: 1) You wasted 30 minutes of my time when I had to clean up your posts, 2) This is a form of stalking, and 3) You made pornography available to minors. You probably want me to think you are from New England, but Iíll tell you right now that you are not. And about easily changing your ip number, BULL!! You cannot change an ISP number! And if you did have that skill you would certainly not be bothering me then. And go ahead bomb my site again, I dare you.

[Anti-Sherdog note: First of all this looks like the only reason Hedges showed everyone this post was because he needed support from his memberís. And those reasons to sue were bogus, except that on about porn. BUT HE DELETED THE EVIDENCE, DOUGH! That is why he dared TBFTNE to bomb it again. Of coarse whitfield was on there trying to comfort Hedges again, probably trying to get a blowjob out of him.]

3) [Anti-Sherdog note: After TBFTNE sent Hedges crying, things were pretty quiet until months later when a guy was annoying him by flameing his love bitch whitfield:]

anonymous user: Why are you protecting whitfield so much Hedges, sorry if I have been beating him so bad that he could not make it to your house to suck your cock.

jhedges: SHUT UP! You stupid piece of crap, your name is Ryan Reinhart and you are from California.

anonymous user: WHAT THE HELL?!!!! You are so full of crap hedges, I wonder which guys ass you were licking when you came up with that shit!!!

[Anti-Sherdog note: TBFTNE and this user (sorry I didnít copy his name) started a trend for hedges, he would from this day on threaten to sue millions of times, fight guys, say he knows their information (when he doesnít), and call people ďdickless fucksĒ.]

4) [Anti-Sherdog note: After the previous incident things were quiet. Then he ran into some money trouble and took it out on his members. Of coarse, they did not take this kindly. He then got this, I do not remember who started it and of coarse Hedges did delete it after he lost a lot of credibility.]

?????: Hey Jhedges, what does it take to get banned from this board.

jhedges: Well, 1st of all-you cannot post any obscene or offensive material 2nd you cannot post pornographic images and 3rd you cannot disrespect any of the administrators. Itís plain and simple. Getting banned here is very tuff.

SakuisCrazy: Wow thatís a lot of rules. I hope I donít get banned and have to go back to sherdogs.

?????: Well, does calling jhedges a cocky mother fucking asshole get you banned???

jhedges: Yes!!!

[Anti-Sherdog note: He then realized he was dissed, and posted this late comeback.]

jhedges: You guy are all stupid assholes! You come on my site for free and this is the crap you give me? Why donít you click on my banners, I get a dime every time you click it.
And this is really pissing me off, why donít you come to the next UFC. Iím sitting along the ringside. If you want to challenge me I am a Carlos Machado student, my knee is not 100 percent, but if I can walk I will try to take you on.

CarnalSalvation: Knee? Sounds like a loser excuse!

jhedges: Itís no excuse! Here is a picture of my knee its kind of fucked up right now but I bet I can still take you on. [Anti-Sherdog note: he posted his knee.]

Gila Monster:Wonder where all these guys came from?

jhedges: Well, I guess we found two dickheads that wonít be coming onto the new forum.

5) [Anti-Sherdog note: He posted this on my forum shortly after the creation of the Anti-Hedges board]

jhedges: You dickless fucks!!!!
You SOB's you better take this down.

You guys are all ingrates you come on my site for free where I have to put up all the fucking money and yet you treat me with such disrespect.

I guess you are all jealous that I am getting an associates degree in computer design. Well we all need someone to pump my gas.

I'll see you at the UFC, if any of you want a piece of me I will take you on. Even if my knee isn't 100%, I will make you all my dickhead!!
[Anti-Sherdog note: He then followed it up with this:] ...
And by the way my knee injury is not an excuse, here is a shot. When I fight my bandages come off, and I will try my best to fit my knee into your big mouths!!

Raw Team Rulz: "I guess you are all jealous that I am getting an associates degree in computer design"


jhedges: IDIOTS!
You think that it is funny that I am getting an AD?
Well I guess I should be jealous that you all got such great minimum wage jobs at Taco Bell.
Don't hate the geniuses.

And do you want to accept my challenge or not? Say no, it will save you all the embarrassment of me kicking your jolly asses!

6)[Anti-Sherdog note: Hedges then got into this huge war with Raw Team Rulz and the iBaLkiD. iBaLkiD was so mad that he went on ufighting to confront him.]

iBaLkiD: (4/9/01 6:34:02 pm)
Jhedges, Ok whats this crap about you not believing what i say.
I meant every word of what i said to you at that anti-everything site.
Where have i ever disrespected you or your forummers?

Could you find one example of it plz? You wont be able to because i never have. I understand not wanting to admit to anything over ther where they all hate you but maybe we can have a civil discussion here. Again i only give what i get and your were a jerk to me and others when you popped over to Sherdogs site and insulted me. I dont know what you got going on with the others but it shouldnt include me.

jhedges: (4/9/01 9:27:37 pm)
Re: Jhedges
1) I have no idea who you are.
2) I have NEVER posted on Sherdog's site. Ask Sherdog yourself. Anyone posting there with a variation of my name is imping me.
3) I have no idea what this "anti-everything site" is.
Tell you what, if you want to discuss this further, or at least tell me what's going on, email me and I'll give you my phone number. This is getting just a bit ridiculous.
I only post on three forums on the internet. This one,, and my new forum that I'm testing right now.

[Anti-Sherdog note: This was really sad! Realizing that he was losing credibility as a webmaster with his recent tantrums he denied he ever did any of this stuff and met any people other than the ones posting on his forum; he then deleted all the evidence from his site and blamed it all on an imp. But I will tell you right now it was no imp, IT WAS HIM. Unfortunately many people bought his lame story, including the iBaLkiD. Here is a follow up thread:]

evanr00: Question for Josh, This is probably none of my business but I noticed that almost everyone on the Sherdog forum wants to kick your ass Josh. What did you do to piss them off so much?

Gila Monster: Check out www.anti-sherdog. com so, how about it Josh, let's hear the dirt maaaan....

jhedges: This is a very exhausted topic that I wasn't even aware of until I started receiving threats. For the record, I have never been to Sherdog's forum, or the anti-Sherdog site. It's all done by that RAW TEAM RULZ guy, and if it continues, he'll be dealt with in court.

cmw420: Yeah, that guy was a grade-A, world-class, high-tech, blue-ribbon dickhead. [Anti-Sherdog note: I guess if you are around hedges too long heíll rub off on you like a ďdickhead.Ē]

RC HODGES: How in the hell do they use my name on there sometimes????

whitfield: I HATE THAT GUY

and that my friends is true, it is. its true!
jhedges: Reagan,
There's no way to stop them. I contacted EZ Board about it already and they did nothing, so I took it one step further.

[Anti-Sherdog note: whitfield has no penis ďand that my friends is true, it is. Its true!Ē would be nice, that Gila Monster seems to have a memory lapse. And let me just point out that it was jhedges, not Raw Team Rulz imping him like he claims, he just started back-peddling when the heat got too hot for him. And more sue talk by Hedges, but let me just say if he tries it will be a waist of his money.]

7) [Anti-Sherdog note: Alright, this one was not offensive but it was funny reading his plea for help when he almost could not keep his site on the net.]

UFighting Needs Your Help!!! 4/12/01 4:04 am CST Ugh... this is getting very old very quick. Here's the deal. I was recently forced to leave my old web host due to my traffic being excessively high. So, I started on a venture to find another host. Two weeks later, after a lot of time and money spent, I finally found a host whom I thought would be able to satisfy my needs while staying within my price range. I should've realized something wasn't right when it took them 4 days to set up the server (supposedly guaranteed 1 hour setup) and another 7 days after that to transfer the domain. But, I kept my cool, and thought everything was great after it was finally set up. One thing I disliked about this host from the beginning was that they only allowed 155 MB of storage space. No problem, I thought. I'll just take down some of my old pictures. Well, I was going through my admin page earlier and found that my disk usage was over 300 MB, some 145+ MB over the limit. I did some investigating and found that my document directories were only 70 MB total. The rest of the space was preinstalled software (Perl, PHP, MySQL, Frontpage extensions, etc...). Also, the MySQL log file and access_log file are HUGE (100 MB between them alone). So, I call up tech support and ask them what's up. They tell me straight up "You are responsible for everything in your site, not just the document directories. You will be billed for the overage." My jaw dropped. Let's see, 145 MB x $.75 per MB = $108.75 in penalties. Add to that a $50 setup fee, and $20 per month normal bill, and I'm paying nearly $200 for this crappy web server that hasn't even worked half the month. So, basically, my options are: 1) Shut the site down. 2) Find another host who is not so anal. I've been searching for the past several hours and can't find anything with the features I need for an affordable price. At this point, I can't go more than $100 a month. So, I need help. I know someone visiting this site must know a web host that can host my site. Here's exactly what I need: At least 500 MB disk space, at least 30 GB transfer per month, PHP, MySQL, Server Side Includes, CGI bin, Telnet/Shell access, FTP access, 24/7 tech support, and at least 5 email accounts. Anything else is optional. Can anyone help me please? I have about a week to find a solution, otherwise the site will likely be taken down. If you can help at all, please email
**Two other ways to help out are advertising and video sales. To order videos/dvds, visit the UFighting shop at For advertising information, visit, or email .
Advertising is negotiable, and we have more options available than what are listed on that page, so please email me if you're interested.


[Anti-Sherdog note: I hoped he would, unfortunately here is the follow up:]

Update - We've found a new host 4/13/01 11:30 pm CST Thank you all for the help you have provided me. I have found a new host who will hopefully do a much better job then the current host. The cost is quite a bit more, but will be worth it in the long run. Thanks for the continued support. More updates will be coming shortly.

[Anti-Sherdog note: Here is what TBFTNE had to say about it:]
TBFTNE: ďFind another host who is not so ANAL.Ē Yeah, Iím pretty sure you havenít had that for a while so thatís why you donít need it. Boy is this shit long why donít you shut up Hedges you obese pile of shit, you think anyone is going to care if your site dies? All I got out of it was a couple of laughs on your pathetic plea for help. ďPLEASE!! I DO NOT WANT TO SHUT DOWN!!Ē; too bad cause I do!
[Anti-Sherdog note: unfortunately he did not reply to this because he was already trying to erase the bad image he gave himself. Still denying the huge tantrum that got him in deep shit, he currently is keeping his mouth shut.]

**All quotes are based on information gathered by Anti-Sherdog, some on his recollection, and those of his members. If you have a factual quote from Hedges that is VERY OFFENSIVE please submit them to the forum or e-mail:**