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Josh Hedges
This is me the one and only “jhedges”...I bet you all wish you could look this good! I was lucky enough in the late 90’s to open an MMA website known as ufighting. And through my website and the fact that I knew how to lick the many members of the underground forum’s luscious sacks so well, I eventually got good with current UFC President Dana White who offered me an internship for “favors” ;). I would land many MMA gigs thank to my dear Dana. One of the most enraging moments to me was when I was standing in the isle way at one of the UFC events...there’s been so many that I forget which one but around 40-50 I think...anyhow I was there reporting when some gourp of fans started chanting “out of the way fat a$$-out of the way *clap*clap*” that pissed me off to no avail and I threatened to sue them...YES ALL OF THEM. But my great family at the underground forum cheered me up when they mocked everyone on the forum for chanting that. I also ended up getting married in Vegas but then got it annulled when I realized the tranny I married turned out to just be an unattractive woman...story of my life so tragic :(. I came on Anti-Sherdog’s once when I was informed that my name was being smeared. I threatened to sue again and make everyone into my dickhead. But I ended up getting a lot of cum drizzling over this so I denied it to everyone who asked afterwards and blamed that rotten RawTeamRulz (RTR). -jhedges

This is Jacob Whitfield. One day he came on my board and wouldn’t leave, he was 15 at the time. He posted messages nonstop on both my board and the underground forum. He would usually annoy my members by disagreeing with them despite his obvious lack of MMA knowledge, but he was a master of “karate” although he wouldn’t tell me which one. He would come on daily asking for Bas Rutten to respond to him, which drew even more criticism. But this little brat finally grew on me and I eventually made him a moderator on my board. And then when I decided to abandon my website for a full time gig with the UFC I gave him full administrative powers. This drew a lot of criticism as well, but I say kiss my big smelly a$$. He one day got his wish as I set him up with Bas Rutten for an interview where he started it off with “So let’s get to the point are you coming back to the UFC or not?” You can probably see where that went. Then he tried his luck at becoming an MMA fighter around late 2004. He won but did poorly, getting dropped by other amateurs with little to no experience. Then he turned pro and claimed to be 10-0 at one time, but the only database that showed this phantom record turned out to be one that he bought, but I can’t blame him for wanting to look good in front of his fellow e-MMAers. The only fight that can be verified he lost in brutal fashion, he disappeared for a long time after this. It is rumored he came back recently but I lost trackÖtoo busy under Dana’s desk. -jhedges

He went by the name “REAGAN C HODGES” for a while, but changed it to RC HODGES when he made the mistake of not registering his name on the old ezboard and an imp stole it. I let him get away with a lot of $hit, which lead many to speculate that he’s an alias that I use or others have pointed that he could be fellow Texan “Barnone” Adam Guerra...but I won’t tell(laughs). For those of you that don’t know Barnone was someone that went around MMA forums claiming he was a great fighter and had trophy’s and title belts to prove it...except many pointed to the fact that they looked like the stuff you could buy on and couldn’t find the record of his fights anywhere. Anyways he would give a lot of $hit to a lot of my new members who just wanted to come on to talk MMA, he affected my traffic a lot but I still love him and blew off many requests to ban him. He then moved to sherdog’s website where he reeked some more of his pleasant scent. He was repeatedly embarrassed by Anti-Sherdog members [those dickless f*cks] but refused to come to confront them. Boy did I have a lot of fun...I mean HE had a lot of fun -jhedges

Sex Machine NHB
His real name is Nick May, aka Machine May, he’s a supposed MMA fighter from Michigan. He was well known on MMA forums, gracing the Underground, his now defunct Machine Board, and my Ufighting among others. He came on Anti-Sherdog’s in late 2000 after learning of the creation of the then Anti-Hedges Forum, telling everyone he was a good friend of mine and wanted it taken down. The Anti-Sherdog guys, including RTR & Coleman the Ape, greeted him rudely. Especially enraged by their comments he would challenge them to telling fantasy stories of his triumphs. He started with RTR & CTA, who read his story of how he beat them Matrix-like and with nun-chucks taken out of a secret pocket in his pants. On top of that he’d constantly be found talking to himself and posted every word on the forum...things like “I hate how small my penis is” and I assume another personality of his responding “don’t ever doubt your’s huge!” RTR & CTA would never concede, but even the Anti members agreed that how they freaked out thinking he was a psycho resulted in a flame war loss. He would then follow up with stories of his of wins over Anti-Sherdog himself (beat in “Bloodsport” style), sherdog’s 2-inch penis (he ate him), suppatime (used “Dragonball Z” techniques to blow up “the great white sperm shark”), and even beat CTA & RTR in a rematch along with Bird MAANN (hyping a secret weapon ...turned out to be a gun). He also was openly homosexual about his love for Carlos Newton and especially Elvis Sinosic. Shercunt Carnal Salvation, for obvious reasons, once asked to train with him as he too lived in Michigan, but he was not his type. And he would always end his posts with his trademark “WAAAZZZZAAAA!!!” Years later I found out that he published a book that you can find on Amazon...

Machine May In The Navy

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