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This page was added by Alco Howler. These are the Anti-Sherdog members that I felt were noticably absent before our site's demise. Anti did require that we submit a profile if we wanted to be up here, but some he made an exception for. I went ahead and wrote them since there aren't many of us left.


His most memorable accomplishment during the Anti-Sherdog run was being a co-creator of Steve Land, along with Ryan Stiles. This was a website used to mock one of the biggest schizo-obese shercunts ever Steve Pell. Steve was so enraged by the site he constantly got it shut down on technicalities and I suspect he must have hacked and destroyed the last remains of the last site (a shame it couldn’t be salvaged). He was quite popular, a person by the name of FatBobby even kept copying his avatar (usually of “Taxi Driver” character Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro) while posting on both sherdog and Anti-Sherdog’s, which didn’t go unnoticed.


Knew him...forever, he branched out to me when sherdog banned me cause...he was just an asshole really but for giving away PRIDE results and dissing his bitches (ie Waterman). He got into a big war with RC HODGES on sherdog’s back in 2000, when he came on trying to declare he owned sherdog’s. RC got so desperate during the flame war that he started to make up aliases to help him, which everyone could tell was really him. When I was banned by sherdog, he followed me here to Anti-Sherdogs. The moment that really makes me smile is when he dissed Robert Fergueson's bitch Daniel Ibarra. Ibarra was a cocky prick who came on telling us he was more successful than all the MMA sites combined, he made a lot of sites but they had a grand total of 1 member (him). When he asked to join Anti-Sherdog’s he came off so unlikable that we unanimously cussed him off. Cohe told him “you think you’re all that cause you train with Robert Faggerson” and “sherdog’s 2-inch penis” also made a comical thread where he showed Fergueson in MMA training positions but made it into a gay porn comic strip. Ibarra was so angry he challenged both of them to a fight before he eventually left.


Hardcore Raiders fan who modeled his user name after then Raiders Quarterback Rich Gannon. He was a loyal Anti-Sherdog member who especially disliked TannerBJJ & Dave Hojack (same guy). Some believed his cleaver use of Rich Gannon's picture might have been a cover for who he really was as he could have been MMA fighter Sean "The Cannon" Gannon, we could never confirm it but seemed to be more than coincidence. The most memorable moment of his run was ironically about the 2002-2003 NFL season. He came on telling everyone the Raiders would win it all that year, Little Moe then jumped in and said it would be the Titans. Ironically they both did well, and the Raiders beat the Titans in the AFC Championship Game, but lost in the Superbowl to Tampa Bay. It was almost like the fanfare was really a look into the future. You can read this almost eye-popping post at the link below:
Raiders vs. Titans: Amazing Predictions


She was an Anti-sherdog regular but she didn’t return after our 4th messageboard was sabotaged. She was also Deacon Sharp’s girlfriend and was most frequently found on Sharp Edges. Her best quality was that she knew how to get everyone’s pencils moving, by doing so she actually got shercunts to join Sharp Edges, which irritated us near the end, especially not banning that lying drama novelist LieTong. But still her contributions during her run here can’t be forgotten as she always did add that little “spice” to our otherwise masculine (but straight, LOL) board.


Former shercunt, proud to say he was a true Anti-Sherdog member in the end. He first came on Anti’s in 2000 as kagetora88 and Bababooey. He was our most vocal and hated critic at one time, but he got into a power struggle with TannerBJJ in 2001 at sherdog’s. Tanner then did a hostile take over, giving sherdog a small fortune to create a new forum and website, some would argue just to ban Kage alone. Kage was crushed at first; he tried to take over sherdog’s old ezboard forum but Tanner eventually deleted it, he then declared he quit MMA. But soon he saw the light and came to Anti-Sherdog’s for membership. He had many enemies from his shercunt days and many, including myself, told Anti that we would leave in masses if he was allowed to join. At times it even seemed he’d sell us out if Tanner let him come back to sherdog’s, which Tanner/Hojak even noticed. But he slowly managed to gain all our trust and it was evident during the Shootoking Saga (see “Shootoking” in the “Sherdog Gallery”). And after Tanner orchestrated the corrupt sabotage shut down of Anti-Sherdog’s, despite not getting an invite from Anti himself, he tracked us down to rejoin us, showing us his loyalty and commitment. He was very vocal about Tanner taking over and even AIM’d the shercunts regularly to annoy them. We had a few turncoats like Shootoking, Carnal Salvation, Steve Pell.....Kage somehow not being on the list tells you all you need to know about him.

Some of his Anti-Accomplishments 1) He got sherdog to admit how much this site was really bothering him, 2) He got Tanner into a mess of trouble with real MMA fighters and sherdog himself (who banished Tanner after much criticism), 3) Exposed a traitor to Anti-Sherdog in Shootoking, flaming him to the ground at one point, and 4) Steve Pell once said he was his favorite Anti member.


Obviously didn’t like Lennox Lewis. He frequently talked about boxing and was pretty anti-mma. Even after Anti-Sherdog’s demise in 2004 he could be found on boxing websites bashing MMA. He pointed out how they always said things like “don’t respond I’m not reading” and needed back up from the UG, the e-MMAers that were against him even turned on each other when things went started going bad. I got to say it...he beat them worse than Lewis beat Tyson. And who can forget his famous line “If you want to question my masculinity ask your sister.”


Not much was known about him as he was very secretive. But what I do remember he was very vocal about TannerBJJ during his brief run as’s owner. He even comically told Tanner “I sat right behind you at the Ultimate Pankration, do you not remember me?” Whether it was true or not, Tanner flipped out but ultimately told him he didn’t think so. And when Shootoking was exposed as a traitor he was the first person to start a thread declaring “Shooto Is The Rat.....Ban Him!” As his Al Pacino character inspiration would indicate he was here because he was made “an offer he can’t refuse” and if you were a shercunt “don’t you ever go against the family!”


His feud with sherdog’s steamed from a 2002 incident with then owner/admin TannerBJJ (or we suspect was also Dave Hojak), he constantly AIM’ed Hojak and got him to agree to an unofficial MMA match with him. But as is the case Hojak showed his yellow streak and left him hanging. As Samad said in his own words “i insulted hoejak the most. called his wife a whore for having a bastard child with another man.” He then got into a heated chat with sherdog who was so offended by remarks about his weight that he told him “why do you feel the need to insult me? Why don’t you come down to California and call me fatso to my face.” Being the head-shercunt master himself he predictably didn’t follow up for the meeting. Samad recently came back in 2008 and declared “I’m still banned from sherdog probably made 20 accounts after my Samad ban latest being just a few months ago. Dont know if its cause of the Hojak thing i keep getting banned or if its something else.” You can tell he’s all business.


A vivid supporter of Anti-Sherdog’s, in fact at one time he was mistaken as Anti himself when he promoted on the Underground Forum. He was also a close personal friend of our Ryan Stiles and proclaimed himself "Anti-Sherdog's Golden Boy." He came on occasionally, but his most memorable moment came after TannerBJJ’s corrupt sabotage of Anti’s. He was among many who wanted to beat Tanner down in MMA competition. Ironically Jay lived closest to Tanner and posed the biggest threat to him, and a big threat he was, he was a black belt member of the famed Ruas Vale Tudo team. Tanner bluffed like crazy that he would face him. But when confronted at the Tito Ortiz Invitational in 2002, Jay claimed Tanner backed off and even apologized to him and cheered his gold medal winning victory in the welterweight event. But as soon as Tanner was back behind the monitor he started to talk smack again, revealed in an AIM convo with kagemusha. Jay was furious and threatened to break his big nose, Tanner/Hojak exchanged heated comments with us at Anti’s during this period. But showing his yellow streak again Tanner decided to not back up his words and instead CALLED RVT TO SNITCH (“Mommy I’m telling”). That loser Tanner supposedly called RVT day and night asking to have Jay get off his back. Unfortunately RVT was under a lot of scrutiny at this time as a street gang known as “The Lords” apparently used RVT to train and commit assaults and crimes. He informed us that a gym leader at RVT pressured him to not post anymore at Anti-Sherdog’s and back off his challenge to Tanner. That was the last we’d hear of him here. He later told me privately by e-mail that he discovered the gym leader was actually being bribed by Tanner to do so. But he got a small measure of revenge as he got Tanner to admit in an e-mail that he was too scared to face him, forwarding some to me. Tanner even told him he drinks too much and is a fat ass.

Getting back to his big win for Anti-Sherdog’s at Tito Ortiz’s Invitational. He said that Tanner informed Jeff Sherwood himself that he was an Anti member. Sherdog said on his website that he’d report on the event with lots of pictures, but when Jay won he allegedly threw the film away before the event ended and stormed off. He didn’t report a thing!!! He also said shercunt Bill Elder was fighting in his division and went 0-2, lasting less than 30 seconds each time. But Jay unfortunately missed facing him both times. He also got a ringing endorsement for Anti-Sherdog from former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez, who was already outspoken about the ills of e-MMA. Seeing how sherdog reacted to Jay’s win also shows how full of crap he is as both an MMA reporter and a liar......afterall he repeatedly told us he didn’t care about Anti-Sherdog’s. He may be long gone but definitely not forgotten.


The self proclaimed “Mormon King of Cheerleading.” He was an obvious troll that the shercunts took way too seriously. He started on sherdog’s and reeked havoc by asking question after question pertaining to controversial subjects, things like “I have a hot sister and I get erections around her is this wrong?” and “Niggers don’t belong in America” (I’d be offended LOL, if I didn’t know he was a troll). The shercunts started to answer them, revealing all sorts of sick fetishes and showing signs of Nazism.....which we felt fit Jeff Sherwood himself perfectly. But after his board got infected by the McPike-Virus, sherdog was confronted on the UG (where he spent more time on than his own board during this era). Sherdog went insane against his many critics and promptly banned hundreds of his members who answered “yes to McPike,” some came directly here to Anti-Sherdog’s afterwards. And for years after his banning the shercunts still remembered him as much as New Orleans remembers Hurricane Katrina. Even telling those of us who’d venture to confront sherdog from time to time before he banned us again to “say hello to McPike for me.”

When he could no longer get on sherdog’s he decided to come to Anti-Sherdog’s. He started by declaring RawTeamRulz (RTR) his “big mac daddy,” comically RTR accepted him as his ho. He became a regular here, but always would add something that’d make you want to hop to the nearest straight porn site fast. Like he told Magic Man “Don’t I remind you of a young Winona Ryder? I bet I’d give you Australians a boner the size of your state [yeah he said“state”].” A disgusted Magic Man replied, “If I had an erection and I saw your face it went down pretty quickly.” Or when he claimed RTR didn’t treat him like his lover and found a new man.....suppatime. RTR said “you’ll be back you got nowhere else to go” and suppa said “stay the fuck away from me you freak.” He even beat Steve Pell in a flame war back when he was on good terms with us, this is what we suspect triggered his turncoat on Anti’s. Coleman the Ape once asked McPike to make him a banner (which had Mark Coleman on a "Planet of the Apes" poster), but after he "broke up with him" McPike changed it to a picture of himself. Of coarse we cracked up like crazy and it annoyed CTA greatly. Hell he even once hit on me telling me something about how vanilla on chocolate is twice as nice lol. I knew he was kidding but to show no homo I told him to get some help.

And who can forget his crowning achievement...Machine McPikes MMA Website lol. He posted pictures of a hot girl in a bikini claiming to be his sister and emphasized how it frustrated him that he couldn't bone her. He also doctored some terrible pictures where he was knocking out Igor Vovchanchyn and Kazushi Sakuraba. His site was full of hate mail from serious e-MMAers and even some of our Anti-members who were disgusted with him hitting on them. What could be better you ask? How about McPike's Art Gallery! That's right he made an art gallery. It mostly consisted of pictures he doctored from a website of Taylor Wilson (aka Carnal Salavation). He pointed out how 1 female friend Wilson had was hot and made her say things like "McPike's my sugar daddy" and had a pic of Wilson puppy dog frowning. There was another where Wilson was in a vortex asking Machine May to train him but May repeatedly answered no. The best one was where he doctored Anti's face on Wilson where he was hanging in a school hall with 3 girls and Anti was saying in a caption bubble "McPike did this!!!" When asked to clarify he said it was surreal art......ummmm ok I guess lol. The last one I can remember at least he had Wilson in another vortex and a cat in the middle, he clarified that the cat was the "christ figure" of the painting and had all of us thinking "WTF?" Steve Pell using one of his aliases said he was an artist and said his art was poor. Pell slipped up here because he pointed out he was an artist on (coincidence I think not!)

But near the end of our run he got tired and finally cracked. He claimed guys actually would recognize him on the street and give him a hard time. But still when I think of him I let the good times troll :).


These are Anti-Sherdog’s long time members who post regularly on the Forum. Thanks to them this site has grown. Those who did not submit a profile had one written by the administrator of this site, their names are in blue. Those whose names are in white contributed to their profiles and had things added by Anti-Sherdog. If you believe that you have become a regular member of Anti-Sherdog’s and want to be up here, submit your profile and an optional picture.