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Hi, my name is Josh Hedges, but all my friends call me the ufighting man. I live in my parents' basement in Lubbock, Texas, where I'm safe from the taunts of the local college students, they can be so cruel, especially those wedgie happy football jocks. I'm a website designer with an Associates Degree from Texas Community College. It's hard to be a good redneck in Texas, but until I get a better job or Victory Gear gives me a raise, I have to stay with my Mommy and Daddy. I have a message board where you can chat with me about your favorite sexy MMA men, favorite thongs, ways to avoid the being choked out (I got triangled in an MMA event in California so I know) and anything else pertaining to men and me. I also have pictures of some of my friends in my gallery, but the picture underneath is my very closest friend Paula Romero, she used to be a man named Paul but he had sex with me so I am cool with that. She also got me a job with Zuffa answering peopleís e-mails.

Anyway, I hope you have fun and enjoy my site. I bitch about my siteís money problems and lawsuits that I canít win, a lot, so I will include them on the site soon, because on days when I feel cocky and obese (LOL, when aren't I?) I like to moan like a French whore and read them to my other good friend Sherdog over the phone. Sherdog lives in California, so I donít get to spend much time with him, but the time we do share together is priceless. (SMOOCH!) So what are you waiting for? Go post on the message board or look check out the gallery and remember you can never have too much steak and funnel cake! And if you hurt my feelings I will sue you and make you into my dickhead! By the way, that below is my knee so you know that I am serious!!

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