Annabelle Champagne Interview

Annabelle Champagne was the owner of the now defunct She was an Underground Forum regular and around 2003-2004 Jeff “Sherdog” Sherwood was rumored to be having a relationship with her. He posted numerous pictures, some suggesting sexual relationships. But in this 2004 interview with Rainbowthief of she denied the whole thing AIM’ing as “FSSUCKSBALLS,” even saying “Nope” to shersex. It was also said that sherdog told her “You have to understand Annabelle that a man and another human can only be friends.”

Rainbowthief: Would you take a whiff?
FSSUCKSBALLS: I would hold my breath
FSSUCKSBALLS: just in case
Rainbowthief: What about Sherdog
FSSUCKSBALLS: lol, straight to the point
FSSUCKSBALLS: I like your style
FSSUCKSBALLS: ok, sherdog, I have known for 4 or more years.
FSSUCKSBALLS: he and I see each other at GC and KOTC shows.
FSSUCKSBALLS: which are the two shows I attend most.
Rainbowthief: The real question is, how well does he know you?
Rainbowthief: Has he ever banged you after a show?
FSSUCKSBALLS: these are the ONLY times I have ever seen him
FSSUCKSBALLS: I dont stay after the shows
Rainbowthief: What about before a show?
FSSUCKSBALLS: we usually gossip, take the "typical" pic and do our jobs
FSSUCKSBALLS: he looks at me across the cage
FSSUCKSBALLS: I see his wondering eye
FSSUCKSBALLS: and I know what you are getting at
FSSUCKSBALLS: but it hasn't happened
FSSUCKSBALLS: and never will
Rainbowthief: If you were drunk enough, would you bang him?

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